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Project-Based Learning

I offer curriculum-based workshops for youth and young working professionals interested in social impact work. I partner with experts to curate conversations and provide project-based learning on topics related to personal healing, healthy dialogue and social change. Past topics include: New Ways to 'Man Up' in 2021: Progressive Practices for self-love and Student Exploration of Engaging in Social Change.

"This was a great class for 12-15 yo range. Our son learned how to apply critical thinking in the landscape of diversity, equity and inclusion. While some of the content was not new, the context in which it was offered and the discussions were very helpful!" - Hollister T.

Parent Review: Social Justice Workshop October 27, 2020

"I liked the class and I didn't have any issues with it. It inspired me to help people more and stand up for stuff I think is right, I liked the way I learned stuff in this class. It felt like a no judge environment." -M.C.

Student Review: Social Justice Workshop July 16, 2020

"The most incredible class! I felt so grateful to have found this amazing teacher, and topic. My daughter had nothing but the highest compliments and didn't want the class/session to end. I think all learners would benefit, as my daughter is neurodivergent and felt very supported."


Parent Review: Social Justice Workshop March 2, 2021

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