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As a life cultivator, I specialize in helping youth and young working professionals, interested in social impact work, establish foundational tools to help them evolve in their career. These foundational tools include: establishing success habits in their daily routine, creating a vision for their personal and professional goals and listing actionable items to help them achieve it.

As a child, my parents understood the power of experiences and the importance of investing in them. My parents enrolled me in summer activities and leadership programs that connected me with growth leaders who I admired and wanted to emulate.

Due to my experiences, I was able to envision something greater for my life and therefore, took the necessary steps to become who I’ve always known to be possible: a leader, innovator and contributor to my community. This lead to my work as a life cultivator and storyteller.

Since graduating Syracuse University with my Masters in Arts Administration, I have worked in various managerial and leadership positions, in youth development programming, over the past 6 years. My most recent experience is working with Child Center of NY (CCNY) and the NYPD Community Center where I served as the Program Coordinator. In this role, I curated conversations between the Chief of Police of Community Affairs and East Brooklyn youth to establish strategic plans to transform the community center into a hub of academic, recreational, professional and social/emotional resources for youth.

As a storyteller, my writing compliments my professional work. My poetry explores how our experiences can foster healing, healthy dialogue and social change. I believe with an established foundation, we can transform our solutions into a reality others can benefit.

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